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Software Download & Widget software is a software to keep your computer system time exact. It's Free, Easy to Install and use for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. We also provide free widget clock for your website, embed that code in HTML mode.


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Home > Asia/Kabul > Khwājah ‘Alī Khodzha Ali,Khvajeh `Ali,Khvājeh ‘Alī,Khwaja `Ali,Khwajah `Ali,Khwāja ‘Ali,Khwājah ‘Alī,خواجه علی Afghanistan known Exact Time for Khwājah ‘Alī Khodzha Ali,Khvajeh `Ali,Khvājeh ‘Alī,Khwaja `Ali,Khwajah `Ali,Khwāja ‘Ali,Khwājah ‘Alī,خواجه علی Afghanistan, in time zone Asia/Kabul. Have Latitude 34.85757 and Longitude 67.71493

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